Central Coast Naming Day Celebrant: Congratulations Tyrael!

A beautiful naming day ceremony for a beautiful baby boy Tyrael. It was a lovely, very meaningful ceremony that I was honoured to be a part of. Tyrael is so loved by all. He was such an angel for is special day – the poor little thing was so exhausted he even fell asleep during the ceremony!

Today we held a sand and stone ceremony. Sand ceremonies during a Naming Day are very popular, it is where hopes & wishes are expressed for the child future.

The stone ceremony was a great way to involve other family members, each stone handed out was held onto during the ceremony with the hope they will pass their love, thoughts and energy to it. It was then placed into a wish jar at the end of the ceremony as a keep sake for Tyrael.


Tyreal Tyreal3

Naming ceremony

Congratulations Tyson!

Naming Day & 1st birthday celebrations for Tyson! In keeping with tradition from their wedding day his parents decided to do a sand ceremony as part of Tyson’s naming day. This jar represents the love and support for Tyson. His parents, brother, and guardians chose a colour of sand to represent their wishes for his future. Such a fun naming day ceremony full of love. Wishing Tyson a very happy 1st birthday!