Renew Vows

A Renewal of Vows ceremony is the perfect way for a couple to express the love they still feel for each other years after their marriage ceremony. Couples who have had a separation may also want to demonstrate their renewed commitment with a renewal of vows ceremony.

Couples who choose to have an intimate wedding, eloped or who have married overseas may want to have a renewal of vows ceremony with their family and friends who were unable to join them for their wedding.

A Renewal of Vows ceremony will be sure to rekindle those sparks of love, joy and excitement you felt on the day you were first married.

You will receive a Renewal of Vows Certificate and copy of your ceremony as a keep sake of your re-affirmation of vows.

Commitment Ceremony

While marriages between same sex couples are not yet legal in Australia, couples can have a commitment ceremony to openly declare their love for each other and celebrate their relationship.

A commitment ceremony is often very similar to a marriage ceremony. The primary difference is that there are no legal requirements or conditions.

I will present you with a signed certificate and copy of your Commitment Ceremony as a keep sake of your vows.

Please feel free to contact me for further information and prices.

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